Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Patchwork Planet

I bought this book because it was by Anne Tyler and she wrote The Accidental Tourist which was much recommended and which I abandoned after starting it before I left Lewis for New Zealand last October. I keep wondering, now that I've read The Patchwork Planet, whether I would have started it had I known what I now know. Answer 'No'. Question 'Why?'

I think that I look for something in a novel which gives me an emotional interest; perhaps even a challenge providing it's not too much of one. If there is not an emotional interest then a 'good story' is a must. This book provides neither for me.

It explores the ordinaryness of the very ordinary lives of its characters. It is about trust: the way we react to those who may not trust us and the way those who may not trust us react to us. It is about change: the way we may try and change as a reaction to the way those around us view us. Having said that I'm not sure that I found any of it particularly convincing nor interesting.

Would I recommend it? No.


  1. Isn't it funny, I could have sworn the Accidental Tourist was by a man. I wonder where I got that idea from. I didn't enjoy it so I think I'll give Patchwork Planet a miss, thanks.

  2. Oddly I thought that you had enjoyed the Accidental Tourist. I don't think it will get picked up again when I return to Scotland.